Wetaskiwin Icemen

Player Lists


27Joshua MantaiIcemenDefensemen00000000
24Isiah HawkesIcemenDefensemen00000000
21Lazarin WardIcemenDefensemen00000000
16Cooper SonnenbergIcemenDefensemen00000000
15Colton GrapentineIcemenDefensemen00000000
14Luke KleinIcemenDefensemen00000000
8Ceaden StephanIcemenDefensemen00000000
6Carsen JubaIcemenDefensemen00000000
6Brody O’ConnellIcemenDefensemen00000000
6Evan LouisIcemenDefensemen00000000
4Noah WilsonIcemenDefensemen00000000
3Dayzel Bull RabbitIcemenDefensemen00000000
3Luke BenoitIcemenDefensemen00000000
2Ethan SakalukIcemenDefensemen00000000
2Ethan ElliotIcemenDefensemen00000000


99Tyson WardIcemenForwards00000000
99Liam StephanIcemenForwards00000000
24Ryan ChambersIcemenForwards00000000
23McKinnon CampbellIcemenForwards00000000
22Connor MacLeodIcemenForwards00000000
21Greg MulhallIcemenForwards00000000
20Brett HansonIcemenForwards00000000
20Chase JonzonIcemenForwards00000000
19Ethan SonnenbergIcemenForwards00000000
18Adam KrauseIcemenForwards00000000
17Alex DriedgerIcemenForwards00000000
13Josh GagnonIcemenForwards00000000
13Emileo RizuttoIcemenForwards00000000
12Tyler BourdagesIcemenForwards00000000
11Ian CammidgeIcemenForwards00000000
10Tanner MoserIcemenForwards00000000
9Reagan HoffmanIcemenForwards00000000
7Zane LindbergIcemenForwards00000000
6Zach ThompsonIcemenForwards00000000
5Graham ZilkieIcemenForwards00000000
3Kaden JohnstonIcemenForwards00000000
3Ryder MacLeodIcemenForwards00000000


99Ethan BacchusIcemenGoalie101000000
99Robert OlavesonIcemenGoalie00000000
99Caleb MuriIcemenGoalie00000000
99Ben Campbell-MatkeaIcemenGoalie65000000
99Joseph UrbanczykIcemenGoalie00000000
41Clayton WandlerIcemenGoalie00000000
35Jared ElliotIcemenGoalie00000000

Wetaskiwin Icemen

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A Message From Coaching Staff

Our True Passion


Hello my name is Travis Hauger and I have the privilege to coach the Wetaskiwin Icemen for the 2022/23 season.

I’m excited about this opportunity to give back to the team I once played for. Also the town of Wetaskiwin.  And to my coaching mentors.

Some things I’ll be focusing on this year will be building character of each player.  Personal growth inside the game and off the ice for these young athletes. Confidence to reach there goals they set for themselves as hockey players.   I believe it’s a privilege to play hockey at a junior level and having a common goal will lead to individual and team success.

I’ve had a passion for the game and teaching it for 30 plus years.  I think as players commit to going further with their hockey career they will also have this passion. This will build friendships and lifelong memories that can never be replaced.  Along the way we will also be building leaders, men that will lead with confidence and have great success in life

I have had two fantastic coaches/mentors in my young hockey life that have shaped my life and I’ve always tried to draw from there coaching style and philosophy. I’d like to follow there lead as I coach these young men now.

Brian Brown coached me in minor hockey, to a provincial gold medal, and was the first coach of the Icemen. He taught me hard work, commitment and teamwork will always put our team in the best possible spot for victory. And it’s molded my entire adult life.

Secondly I had Dan Anderson who saw a 15yr old kid full of energy and desire to play at the next level. He guided me and help build my game to move to the next level with a dedication to make all of his players stronger and push them to have strong minds and to not be distracted with the little things.

Lastly, I’d like to follow in the footsteps of my friend and former head coach of the team, Rob Hartnell.  Rob brought great success to this team and the players he coached. I am determined to get us back to the standard Robbie set for this team.

See you all at the rink,

Travis  Hauger
Head Coach